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  • Arden Dertat

    Arden Dertat

    ML Engineer @ Netflix. Photography and travel enthusiast.

  • Christian Kästner

    Christian Kästner

    associate professor @ Carnegie Mellon; software engineering, configurations, open source, SE4AI, juggling

  • Wes McKinney

    Wes McKinney

    Craftsman of data analysis tools. Creator of pandas, @IbisData. @ApacheArrow @ApacheParquet PMC member. Wrote Python for Data Analysis. Views are my own

  • Ted Petrou

    Ted Petrou

    Author of Master Data Analysis with Python and Founder of Dunder Data

  • The Pudding

    The Pudding

    A Journal for Visual Essays. Email: sup@pudding.cool

  • Sebastian Ruder

    Sebastian Ruder

    Research scientist @DeepMind

  • Rachel Thomas

    Rachel Thomas

    co-founder fast.ai & professor of practice Queensland University of Technology | twitter: @math_rachel

  • Hanna Wallach

    Hanna Wallach

    Microsoft Research NYC. Fairness, accountability & transparency in AI/ML. NeurIPS & ICML board member, WiML co-founder, sloth enthusiast. She/her.

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