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  • Susan Li

    Susan Li

    Changing the world, one post at a time. Sr Data Scientist, Toronto Canada. https://www.linkedin.com/in/susanli/

  • Cambridge Spark

    Cambridge Spark

    Data Science Specialists

  • Ludovic Benistant

    Ludovic Benistant

    Editor and curator at Towards Data Science

  • Microsoft + Open Source

    Microsoft + Open Source

    All things open at Microsoft. www.microsoft.com/opensource

  • Gaurav Goel

    Gaurav Goel

    Storyteller, learner, thinker and a Software Professional dealing with Science and Engineering of Data

  • Will Koehrsen

    Will Koehrsen

    Data Scientist at Cortex Intel, Data Science Communicator

  • wicds team

    wicds team

  • Medium Creators

    Medium Creators

    Tips, tricks, and tools for Medium creators

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